Freedom for the Leader

My name is Antony, Lead Pastor if Mavuno Church-Hillcity Campus in Nairobi, Kenya. I was connected to Freedom Prayer was while I was going through Onward Church Planting Training In 2019. We had come for an Onward intensive session in Nashville and part of the itinerary was to experience Freedom Prayer. Before the Freedom Prayer … Read more


I am a 20 year old female in India. Due to my poor financial condition, my father didn’t give proper dowry to my husband for my marriage. Soon after my marriage, my husband and whole family members started torturing me due to the lack of dowry money. One night they tried to hang me but … Read more


When I first heard of Freedom Prayer, I was intrigued but nervous. What would this be like? Could I be one of those people who is really connected to God? I had always assumed that I just didn’t have “it.” With “it” being whatever helped those other “Spiritual” people connect to God. How I envied … Read more