What is
Freedom Prayer?

Who Is
Freedom Prayer?

How is Freedom
Prayer Structured?

How do I get trained
in Freedom Prayer?

Freedom Prayer is a biblically-based personal prayer ministry approach founded in reconciliation and restoration before God. Implemented in churches, non-profit ministries and therapeutic settings, Freedom Prayer appropriates the finished work of the cross to help others find freedom from sin, pain, strongholds and limiting beliefs that hinder a fruitful and fulfilling relationship with the Lord.

What is Freedom Prayer?

Freedom Prayer is a personal prayer ministry that exists to help with the process of recognizing and resolving anything that would keep us from an abiding relationship with God. It is a “first responder” ministry, focused on equipping individuals to prayerfully examine with God fundamental emotional and spiritual needs that hinder their Christian walk. Wounding, sin, ungodly beliefs and entanglements can create strongholds that cause continual struggle with God and others. Freedom Prayer exists to provide solid biblical reconciliation and restoration, that promotes a healthy prayer life and disciples individuals into a whole and abiding relationship with God. Traditionally, these prayer times occur in small groups of three people within a church team framework.

Who Is Freedom Prayer?

Freedom Prayer is a network of teams, churches, organizations and individuals who are first committed to the goal of personal freedom and then to the great privilege of helping their family, friends, churches and communities find freedom in Christ. Freedom Prayer operates as a multi-denominational family, with local Freedom Prayer teams existing in a variety of churches all over the world. As a 5013-c nonprofit, a board of directors oversees direction and vision, as well as input from pastors, leaders and other ministry directors.

How is Freedom Prayer Structured?

1. Ten Foundations that support every aspect of Freedom Prayer
2. A lens to view issues from and respond biblically, found in Luke 15
3. Key “action” steps in prayer to find freedom, called Doing Kingdom Business
4. A quick and easy guide to not get lost in navigating the issue
5. Additional tools and helps to assist with connecting with God in prayer

How do I get trained in Freedom Prayer?

Freedom Prayer offers a variety of training opportunities for your church or organization. We can send trainers to you and provide our BASIC TRAINING, usually over a weekend or if local, once a week over 6-8 weeks. We provide personal Freedom Prayer times, at local churches with current teams or online. We have Freedom Prayer team resources that are available, once the initial training has occurred, as well as a process for building healthy church prayer teams. We also offer ADVANCED TRAINING and coaching for team leaders and shepherds, as well as connection to the larger Freedom Prayer family globally. We believe in honoring your church culture and working within your ministries and organization to promote a healthy prayer life and tools for future growth.

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    Statement of Faith

    Because we are a global non-profit ministry that crosses denominational lines, we strive to honor the various expressions and theologies that our Freedom Prayer family is comprised of. If we are doing our job well, you will not be able to guess what our specific church background is, in fact, our teams and leaders span just about every denomination and now span the globe in the Body of Christ. We are passionate about seeing the Church take ahold of these tools in Freedom Prayer and we are often told that they are the missing pieces that have been needed not only in prayer, but in discipleship, evangelism and overall health and ministry.