Having so fond an affection for you, we were well-pleased to impart to you not only the gospel of God but also our own lives, because you had become very dear to us. -1 Thessalonians 2:8

Freedom Prayer Ministry exists to see the gospel of God on display – the very work of the cross secures our freedom – it is why He came. Consequently, we rejoice with those who wish to help secure this freedom for others in their churches, their parachurch ministries and in their homes and communities. Freedom Prayer ministry, overseen by The Freedom Resource, has a primary goal of training and equipping other ministry leaders and churches to engage in Freedom Prayer as a lifestyle and sustainable ministry within the Body of Christ. Those who respond to a call to do this are naturally and quickly very dear to us and other Freedom Prayer teams in our family. We truly enjoy partnering and equipping with those just beginning in the process of liberty for themselves and others.

Currently, we have Freedom Prayer ministry leaders and a Board of Directors who lead trainings together throughout the country in various settings and conferences by invitation. These trainings and conferences can be tailored to the needs of your church or parachurch ministry. Because this ministry format is often better caught than taught, we find it is most effective when we can build relationship with you, offer training at your location, and participate in prayer sessions with your leaders. We also recognize the importance of community and the benefit of seeing a Freedom Prayer ministry in action, as well as dialoguing with those seasoned in leading Freedom Prayer sessions. We have several teams throughout the United States in various cities that offer training throughout the year, primarily for churches and ministry leaders in the areas of building and equipping a Freedom Prayer team, oversight, community connections and integration into small groups, adult and children’s ministries. Please contact with questions or inquiries and we will be happy to help design and direct you toward the best training option for your church or group.

We Offer

  1. Freedom Prayer training (BASIC and ADVANCED) in cities throughout the United States and globally in other countries by request. Watch for training announcements on this site and on social media for more information.
  2. Freedom Prayer Training in your location. We can bring a team for a weekend, an evening or for a variety of purposes and events. While a BASIC training typically needs a weekend to train in full, we often introduce the prayer ministry and teach concepts in smaller sections when needed. Locally, we often offer BASIC training over a period of 5-8 weeks to fully learn and practice the concepts. Our ADVANCED training typically takes an evening or half-day. Please contact us with your requests.
  3. We have ministry leaders and speakers who are equipped to not only train teams in Freedom Prayer ministry, but cast vision in a purely “spokesperson” manner to churches and interested parties. Likewise, our ministry leaders are equipped to facilitate and coach the process of freedom in existing structures, such as bible studies, Sunday School classes and small groups.

A typical weekend agenda looks like:

Generally, most of the following topics can be covered over a Friday night/Saturday day conference. Again, training can be modified to the specific needs of a church or organization.

Often, groups elect to split the training into BASIC and ADVANCED pieces, learning the “core” in BASIC training first and following up weeks or months later with the ADVANCED training. When requested, we can cover both in a weekend but splitting the training into two parts allows for more practice and small group participation.

Minimally, once the BASIC training is covered, we can also offer additional training long distance using technology. Additionally, once the BASIC training is covered, a new Freedom Prayer team has access to the “family login” on our site to gain further resources and continuing education.

Training topics can include:

  • Overview of Freedom Prayer Ministry
  • The Ten Foundations
  • Connection with God
  • WESUD and Fruit Loop (How to frame issues in prayer and how not to get lost in the process)
  • The Father Ladder
  • Inviting Jesus
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • The Authority of Christ in Dealing with the Demonic
  • Building and Sustaining a Freedom Prayer Team
  • Partnership in Church and Community
  • Integration into other church ministries
  • Missions and Evangelism with Freedom Prayer
  • Sexual Brokenness
  • Trauma
  • Mental Health Issues

Our BASIC training is foundational to the success and creation of a local Freedom Prayer team. Once training is complete, we consider you part of the family. We will then work with you in relationship to provide needed resources, guidance and strategy for a healthy team. In most churches, that process can last anywhere between one week and several months. We are invested in your success and know the great need for freedom in your community. We believe that the family relationship is important and being a part of a larger global family only makes us stronger and better. The typical process in a church often looks like this:

  1. An initial training for equipping and personal freedom
  2. A Freedom Prayer team forms from that training and learns together in practice as a team
  3. The Freedom Prayer team and ministry is introduced into the larger church congregation or organization
  4. Freedom Prayer times are officially offered with an online sign up and scheduling system
  5. Freedom Prayer collaborates with other ministries in the church and personal freedom becomes common language (small groups, youth, children, retreats)
  6. Freedom Prayer is used in Evangelism, Discipleship and Missions, both local and foreign.

Various churches arrive at these goals in different ways and in the timing that best fits their needs and structure. We trouble shoot and advise in each step, pulling from teams who have gone before and found success. With a large family of Freedom Prayer, there is likely another church who “looks like you” in your process. We can suggest and help along the way, having the experience of watching various Freedom Prayer teams train, form and move freedom into their culture.

Mentoring and Internships

There are several churches in our Freedom Prayer network who offer more extensive training and internships. Please contact us for more information.

Host Helpful Hints

If you are considering hosting a training at your church or organization, here are some items to consider:

  1. We are a pretty low maintenance training team to host. We just ask that you cover our travel, give us a bed to sleep in (if we don’t have local trainers near you!) and feed us now and then. While we train for free, most churches and organizations give a love offering back to our organization to support continued efforts in Freedom Prayer.
  2. We can send one trainer to you but ideally we send at least 2 or more to not only teach and equip, but offer practice prayer sessions and small group discussions as well.
  3. If you are hosting us and we travel to you, it is ideal to invite other churches and/or organizations to participate in the training. That way, multiple churches can learn together and help each other grow. This unifying work is beautiful, and likely honors God as churches link arms to see their communities free.
  4. As the host church, we recommend that you personally invite individuals to the training who are natural intercessors, founded in scripture, mentors and known for their ability to bear well with people and walk in wisdom. Healthy Freedom Prayer teams typically have a combination of both leaders/staff/pastors and lay people. In terms of numbers, a general trend is that you will retain around 2/3 of those who attend training to serve consistently on your Freedom Prayer team.
  5. Once your training date is selected and your people are invited, churches usually have attendees register online either on their church website or by using an online event signup. Either option works well. We then advertise if space permits on our social media and website.
  6. For the training, we ask host churches and organizations to copy our training manual for those attending and provide a copy of the book, Freedom Tools by Reese and Barnett. To cover these costs, often churches charge a small conference fee at registration for those items, as well as snacks, lunch on Saturday and other expenses. Often there is a profit for the new beginning Freedom Prayer team or if a fee isn’t charged, churches often cover the expenses using other ministry budgets.
  7. Once the initial training is complete, we work with you for ongoing education and next steps in both practice and implementation of the ministry. You also have access to our family page on our website, which contains additional materials and helpful information.