Freedom Prayer

Freedom Prayer is a lay-based approach to prayer ministry designed to help others in simple, informal, daily and church-based settings be more free from sin, pain, strongholds, and limiting beliefs. It is trans-denominational and has been found useful in thousands of church, daily-life, and therapeutic settings.

We can help with training and resources and a network of like-minded people looking to help set others – and themselves – free.



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Now Available!

Freedom Tools

Second Edition

 by Andy Reese and introducing Jennifer Barnett

You can order the second edition from our store!

Expanded and updated with lots of new material (we have learned a few things) plus a whole new section on how to start and expand a Freedom Prayer ministry within your church and community. It has been recast and rewritten to better match its use in more traditional churches while losing none of its powerful tools and stories. We are appreciative of Max Lucado, Bill Johnson and Dr. Neil T. Anderson for their strong support of this new effort.

Is Freedom Prayer “biblical”?

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Is the term “inner healing” found in the bible?


But the concept is everywhere – all its facets:

healing the brokenhearted is (Lk 4:18);
confessing sins to another and prayer for them is (Jam 5:16);
casting out demons is (Mk 16:17);
setting up godly defenses (Eph 6:10);
speaking prophetic encouragement is (1 Th 5:20);
taking thoughts captive is (2 Cor 10:5);
releasing the captives is (Lk 4:18);
forgiving is (Eph 4:32);
renouncing past sinful practices is (2 Cor 4:2);
being led by the Spirit is (Rom 8:14);
asking God for miraculous input is (Jer 33:3);
bearing one another’s burdens is (Gal 6:2);
wanting freedom is (Gal 5:1);
speaking truth to someone is (Eph 4:15);
setting free the oppressed is (Lk 4:18);
knowing and saying God is near to the brokenhearted is (Ps 34:18);
comforting the afflicted with what God has shown us is (2 Cor 1:4);
and… well…you get it.

That is what we do in Freedom Prayer.

Honestly, if another name would help some who fear the whole thing we would be happy to call it Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

The Freedom Resource

The Freedom Resource is a not for profit organization which works to support, facilitate and provide resources for a biblically based approach to freedom we call Freedom Prayer. Freedom Prayer grew out of a series of tools called  “Sozo” first coined by staff at Bethel church in Redding, CA. Sozo in turn was based on a number of different inner healing approaches.

We recently felt a need to call this ministry Freedom Prayer to provide a way to differentiate this form of inner healing from its roots (Sozo); to avoid confusion with the Bethel Sozo network; and to better provide for the free local church adoption of biblically-based freedom truths found in scripture and applied through the Freedom Prayer framework and our culture of mutually supportive friends in ministry.

Freedom Prayer is a flexible approach that is spreading among hundreds of churches and individuals. It borrows the best from many sources, adds new understandings, and fits them into a framework that is balanced and effective. We  offer downloadable materials, links,  training, and more.

We are all volunteers, normal people, friends, and family – just like you. That is the beauty of Freedom Prayer, it is simple, and it is for us – all of us. TFRLogo